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Welcome to Khayyam Restaurant, the House of Homemade Persian and Mediterranean Cuisine. Khayyam Restaurant is one of the best Persian restaurants in Boston.

Restaurant specializes in authentic Persian and Mediterranean food; it invites you to enjoy Special Events, such as Belly Dancing or Live Music.

The first Persian recipes were written on clay tablets 4,000 years ago, making it one of the most ancient cuisines on the Earth. It's also one of the least known in the western world. We are very proud to bring this cuisine to your table at Khayyam.

At Khayyam Restaurant, we are taking a fresh and creative approach in our often uninspired and inconsistent food industry. Here we are setting new standards of excellence and expertise from the inception of our recipes, cooking, and presentation.

In addition to our ordinary dining, we provide a private Party Room. Our Party Room is available for 25 to 60 people. Khayyam also offers catering for all occasions, or regular lunch and dinner deliveries in Boston area.








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